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Environmental design

Environmental design is a set of design concepts aimed at dealing with problems in the field of environmental protection and management. As new as it is, this activity is rapidly becoming more and more important.

No enterprise, construction or any other activity that effects environment can go on without an environmental design stage. Preparation of environmental design for operating facilities and those under construction is obligatory, and according to the law, absence of an environmental design or its incorrect form may cause suspension of the project, while any completed facility that does not comply with current environmental norms can just be pulled down. That is why it is so important to have an environmental design which you can entrust to our specialists.

All stages included in environmental design preparation are regulated by Federal Law on Environmental Protection.
Environmental design in not only preparation of design documentation, but also a set of measures on getting it reviewed and approved at supervision authorities with consecutive acquisition of corresponding appraisals and permission from these regulatory bodies.

Preparation of design documentation for each newly designed enterprise requires evaluation of environmental effect produced by it (EEE). Besides, at the feasibility study, it is required to develop a set of environmental protection measures (EPM).
The abovementioned projects (EEE and EPM) with other feasibility study documents of the detailed design are forwarded to environmental supervision authorities for approval.

These days, the importance of environmental designing is getting bigger. Thus, for instance, if development of environmental design documentation reveals that the size of sanitary-protection zone (SPZ) of an enterprise is larger than the distance from the border of the enterprise to the border of the nearest dwelling building area, this design is not approved. In this case, Customer must either dislocate dwelling houses out of the sanitary-protection zone or agree on the lessening of the SPZ size with the sanitary-epidemiologic authority of the corresponding Russian Federation region.

In our opinion, as of now this question is underestimated by a lot of enterprises, which in many cases causes much damage at consecutive stages. Therefore, each level of designing process should involve consideration of environmental aspects.
If design documents are approved, Customer is given a corresponding state environmental expert report. On the basis of the acquired report, environmental fee (waste fee) is calculated, which allows a significant reduction of payments. The term of settlement may range from 2 to 5 years.

Every five years, operating enterprises are obligated to prepare and submit for approval the following documents:

  • Maximum permissible discharge estimation
  • Maximum permissible release estimation;

Scope and size of the mentioned estimations is determined individually in each case. 

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