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Mining audit

Another line of activities conducted by NTC-Geotekhnologiya is mining audit.

Execution of works in this direction involves process (procedure) of confidence evaluation for engineering reports of mining enterprises and checkup of compliance of its industrial activity with laws and regulations, technical requirements and proposed recommendations on elimination of infringements disclosed in the course of audit examination.

Goal of mining audit: efficiency and safety of mining process, balance between technical aspects and management.

Problems solved by mining audit:

  • Unreasonable and inefficient capital investments
  • Uncertainty and imbalance of interests of enterprise’s key departments
  • Personnel’s low motivation to improve performance
  • Imbalance in process flow
  • Directions of mining auditing:
  • Reserves evaluation and licensed borders with their adjustment to regulations.
  • Search for ways to improve enterprise performance.
  • Development of programs on performance enhancement for mining enterprises.

Mining engineering audit includes sequence of following stages:

Stage One: reserves evaluation

  • for compliance with licensed and operational mining borders;
  • for mining costs;
  • for quality.

Stage Two: assessment of enterprise state and ways to improve efficiency of their industrial activity along following lines:

  • mining and engineering system;
  • process organization;
  • management;

Mining and engineering system line involves:

  • Assessment of opening schemes and transportation systems;
  • Evaluation of system parameters balance by technological complexes: mining bench width, bank height, front length, designed and up-and-down rock movement speed
  • Evaluation of capacity balance in technological complex.

Process organization line involves:

  • Analysis of functional time which displays organization reserves;
  • Assessment of applied labor remuneration systems which aim personnel at a particular performance level;
  • Assessment of coordination of personnel’s perspectives on all organizational levels.

Management line involves:

  • Assessment of level of management systems automation;
  • Assessment of regulations and standards of processes and operations;
  • Functional assessment on each management level.

On the basis of these steps, a register of resources and opportunities for performance improvement is created. Reserves are presented in extra hours of normal mode equipment operation.

Stage three: Evaluation of possibility of application of specialized equipment and technologies.

At this stage, one evaluates possibilities to apply such equipment as, for example, hydraulic spade which allow work on girdles and difficult lands. Lately, lifters and milling combines have been used widely, which also helps to reduce operational costs. Nonstandard technologies of deposit development are also studied thoroughly.

The audit results are used to size the increase in commercial minerals involved in processing, to determine measures on performance improvement in each direction.

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