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Hydro-meteorological engineering survey ensures combined study of hydro-meteorological parameters of a particular construction area (district, site, land, route, etc.) and prognostication of possible changes of these parameters caused by designed construction processes in order to collect data necessary for preparation of reasoned design decisions.

Goals of hydro-meteorological engineering survey:

  • Assessment of availability of water supply and organization of various types of water consumption;
  • Selection of construction site (routes) locations and its engineering protection against adverse hydro-meteorological effects;
  • Design of general area layout;
  • Selection of building structures, analysis of their basic parameters and construction organization;
  • Testing of service conditions of structures;
  • Evaluation of impact made by construction projects on aquatic and air environment, and development of nature conservation measures.

Hydro-meteorological survey covers:

  • Hydrological regime;
  • Climatic conditions and particular meteorological parameters;
  • Hazardous hydro-meteorological processes and effects;
  • Industrial effects on hydro-meteorological and climatic conditions or their particular parameters.

Work scope:

  • Collection, analysis and summarization of area’s hydro-meteorological and mapping research data;
  • Reconnaissance investigations of engineering survey area;
  • Monitoring of parameters of hydrological regime of water bodies and meteorological elements;
  • Study of hazardous hydro-meteorological processes and effects;
  • Cameral treatment of data with assessment of design hydrological and (or) meteorological parameters;
  • Preparation of engineering report.

Hydro-meteorological survey works are conducted in accordance with basic provisions and requirements of CSR 11.02.96 ENGINEERING SURVEY FOR CONSTRUCTION.

The necessity of particular types of hydro-meteorological works, their scope and scale is established by a survey program on basis of specifications dependent type and purpose of structures, level of their responsibility, designing stage, as well as difficulty of hydrological and climatic building conditions of area (site, route), and degree of their exploration.
Cost of works on hydro-meteorological engineering survey depends on individual features of project.

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