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Geotechnical engineering survey provides an integrated testing of construction area, and prognostication of possible geological changes influenced by construction process.

Geotechnical engineering survey can be performed at all stages of construction. Details, scope and scale of works are specified on basis of specifications, level of building’s responsibility and stages of construction.

 The range of geotechnical survey includes:

  • Collection and procession of past years survey materials;
  • Route monitoring;
  • Exploratory drilling;
  • Land surveying and well positioning;
  • Geophysical investigation;
  • Field soil exploration (statistic probing, dynamic probing, stamp testing);
  • Hydrogeological observations;
  • Laboratory investigation of soil and underground water chemical analysis;
  • Soil testing of foundations of existing buildings and facilities;
  • Cameral treatment of collected materials;
  • Prognostication of geological engineering conditions;
  • Evaluation of hazard and risk caused by geological and geological engineering processes;
  • Preparation of technical statement on geological engineering conditions of the area;
  • Conduction of report state expert assessment.

Geological engineering survey is conducted in accordance with basic provisions and requirements of CSR CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING SURVEY of 11.02.96.

Scope and scale of works are designed by a survey program on basis of specifications dependent on designing stage, difficulty of geological engineering conditions, and individual design features.

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