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Topographical survey is a set of geodetic and topographical works performed to prognosticate possible changes and to prepare recommendations on account of features of geological engineering and geophysical conditions in the course of construction.

Topographical survey for construction is necessary for collection of geodetic and topographical materials and data on area setting and terrain relief, present buildings and other planning elements. These materials are necessary for combined assessment of natural and industrial conditions of construction area, as well as for feasibility study of design, construction, operation and disposal of facilities.

All works are performed in accordance with the procedure established by the current laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, in compliance with requirements of CSR 11-02-96 and Code of Topographical Survey For Construction (CP 11-104-97).

To do topographical survey, NTC Geotekhnologiya holds License URG-02761G of 06.07.2009. Specialists of the Company apply the modern Topcon GPT-3105N apparatus.

 NTC Geotekhnologiya performs following geodetic survey works:

 1. Geodetic survey for construction of buildings, facilities and their complexes:

  • Development of horizontal and altimetric survey network on a construction object;
  • Facility reference to the local coordinate system and absolute elevation system;
  • Vertical and horizontal planning of construction site, construction site facilities, with calculation of soil work;
  • Siting out of main construction lines, parts and structural parts of buildings and facilities up to 100 meters high;
  • Siting out of designed lines inside buildings and structures in the integrated coordinate system;
  • Vertical planning of buildings and structures;
  • Sizing of perimeter, square and volume of a construction project of any configuration with high precision;
  • Geodetic works in the process of installment and maintenance of factory equipment, devices and tools.

2. Geodetic works for design and construction of linear structures:

  • Preparation of topographical underlay for design of linear building projects;
  • Office and field tracing of linear building projects;
  • Siting out of designed construction lines of linear structures, underground and aboveground utility systems.

3. Topographical survey for design and construction:

  • Topographical mapping to scales of 1:200-1:5000 in electronic and graphic forms
  • Large-scale mapping of underground utility systems.

4. As-built survey of turnkey construction projects – buildings, structures, their complexes and components:

  • As-built survey upon construction with indication of design deviations;
  • Geodetic control of geometric parameters of facilities in the process of construction.

Upon the completion of geodetic works a technical report is prepared which contains charts of horizontal and altimetric survey networks, field survey data, leveling and evaluation of accuracy, catalogues of evaluations and coordinates in required systems, sketches of each point with description of its type and location. Usage of state-of-art geodetic equipment and computer software allows our specialists to achieve results of top-notch quality and accuracy.

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