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Environmental engineering survey provides testing of natural and industrial conditions of working areas, assessment of environmental conditions, environmental resistance to industrial processes, prognosticate possible environmental changes caused by construction processes, preparation of recommendations on execution and conduct of environmental monitoring.

Environmental engineering survey helps develop a whole range of recommendations on prevention of undesirable and harmful environmental effects of engineering and construction activities, and conduct feasibility study for environmental nature conservation and compensational measures aimed at preservation, restoration and recovery of natural environment.

This survey is conducted in order to prevent, reduce or eliminate harmful and adverse environmental and other environment-related consequences and to preserve optimum conditions for the life of the local population.


Environmental engineering survey works include:

  • Sanitary chemical testing of ground and soil;
  • Radiation and радиационно-экологическое исследование;
  • Sanitary bacteriological and parasitological analysis of ground and soil;
  • Gas-geochemical testing;
  • Investigation and evaluation of physical effects;
  • Stray current survey;
  • Cameral treatment;
  • Preparation of expert sanitary-epidemiological assessment.

Data of environmental engineering survey is used for design of dwelling and engineering buildings, and ensure fulfillment of necessary requirements on environmental feasibility study for business and other types of activities in preliminary and project documentation in accordance with current Russian environmental nature conservation laws, and based on domestic and foreign experience in this field.

 Environmental engineering survey works are conducted pursuant to basic provisions and requirements of CSR 11.02.96 ENGINEERING SURVEY FOR CONSTRUCTION, and rules of Code 11-102-97 ‘Environmental engineering survey for construction’, Federal law on sanitary and epidemiological conditions for population and others.

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