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Engineering survey

 Our Company performs the whole range of engineering survey carried out for all-around study of natural conditions of the designed construction, local construction materials and water supply sources, and for acquisition of necessary and sufficient materials for development of economically rational and technically justified solutions in the course of designing and building with consideration of environment rational usage and safety, as well as for acquisition of data for prognostication of natural environment changes caused by construction and operation of enterprises, buildings and structures.

Engineering survey is one of key construction-related activities every process of construction or any project operation begins with. The integrated approach, embracing various types of engineering survey, is the basis of all-around and timely examination of construction sites, buildings and structures.

To perform engineering survey, NTC Geotekhnologiya holds a certificate issued by the non-commercial self-regulating organization ‘Association of Engineering Surveyors’ № И. от 10.08.2011 г

The Company offers services including all types of engineering survey:



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