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One of the main advantages of our Company is application of scientific approach in our activity.

Research works conducted by our specialist pursue practical goals and their results are directly used in our activity.

Our Company conducts research works both in lines providing improvement of our products and services, and those helping to enhance efficiency of our Customer’s business.

Research works are conducted by us solely and with involvement of leading scientific and design-and-engineering.
We were actively involved in preparation of:

  • Set of normative-methodological and technological documentation which supports coal mining through seam drilling-out ;
  • Standards of engineering design and process patterns for coal mining industries;
  • Construction-and-engineering documentation for production of mechanical tools used in mining processes;
  • Methodological guidelines and computer models for calculation of commercial mineral deposits, evaluation of cost effectiveness of their processing, and optimization of open-cut mining borders; evaluation of coking coal market.

Our Company entrust research works to those experts whose scientific expertise is certified by postgraduate and doctorate diplomas registered at State Commission for Degrees and Titles of the Education Ministry of the Russian Federation, in specialties: geological engineering, basic theoretic design, production of construction materials; labor protection and industrial safety, economics and management of national economy.

Basic results of our research are regularly reported at all-Russia and international conferences, and published in leading scientific periodicals, monographs and manuals. In the last few years, our employees have published over 100 works.

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