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Mission and philosophy


We work to provide a sustainable development of the mining industrial complex.


Leadership in a range of engineering services in Russia’s mining industry on basis of nonstop advancement of personnel qualification and customers’ trust.

Company’s business policy

  • Formation of long-term and solid relations with each Customer on basis of individual approach and absolute fulfillment of commitments
  • Offer of most efficient solutions on basis of constant development of operational methods and techniques
  • Performance of all kinds of services Customer deems necessary, including preliminary design and consulting, design and survey, detailed engineering and turnkey construction
  • Making the Company attractive for employees, providing opportunities for the personnel development

Company’s values

  • Integrity – tact and honesty in relations with people both inside and outside the organization.
  • Responsibility – fulfillment of commitments, solidification of trust among personnel and customers.
  • Respect – acknowledgment of an employee’s or a partner’s right to an alternative opinion or view.
  • Performance – focus on result, not on process.
  • Good professional conduct – observation of corporate norms, standards and rules in the process of interaction and performance.
  • Partnership. Team spirit – readiness to work in a team and take up responsibility for the common result.
  • Development – striving to be the best in the field of professional activity.

Business principles

Management principles

  1. We set super goals, to be the best in the field of the Company’s activity.
  2. We do not go for a task before comprehending it.
  3. Focus on the purpose - we keep busy only with what helps the Company dominate.
  4. We explore new promising technologies and methods in order to be successful at the market.
  5. We solve problems, we do not create them.
  6. Developing ourselves, we develop the Company and help our partners develop as well.
  7. We do what we promise.

Principles of interacting with Customers

  1. We do what Customers need, not what we can.
  2. Each Customer is the Company’s Partner.
  3. We develop long-term and solid relations with all our partners (customers and subcontractors).
  4. High quality, Timely execution, Reasonable prices are the keys to the market success.

Principles of inside-Company interaction

  1. Creativity at work is rewarded.
  2. Mistakes, just like successes, are the source of experience, not a reason for punishment.
  3. Mutual help is out lifestyle.
  4. The Company creates conditions for the personnel to develop, succeed and prosper.
  5. We work in the atmosphere of mutual trust, regardless of positions.
  6. Standardization is the basis of our work.


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